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About North Star Coaching, LLC

Inspired by a drive to support leaders in the challenging work of slowing down so they can figure out how to achieve ambitious goals, Kerri incorporated North Star Coaching in 2018.  

North Star Coaching's Mission: 

To help leaders slow down to go fast.

​North Star Coaching's Vision: 

To help leaders achieve more than imagined through the ASKhole™ framework.

The name North Star Coaching comes from the symbolism associated with the North Star, a star that stays nearly still as the entire northern sky turns around it.  Metaphorically, leaders and teams experience a spin experience.  The day-to-day spin is chaos around them while they try to achieve their goals.  This spin is fast and

interferes with leaders ' and teams' ability to shine like a North Star.  When leaders and teams slow the spin down, they can better see where their talents have the most influence and those pathways that will help them achieve their ambitious goals and return on investment.

North Star Coaching's mission is to help you slow down so you can shine your brightest.  Kerri supports you staying true to your North Star.  We help you crystallize purpose, manage the day-to-day spin of the skies around you, and achieve your ambitious outcomes. 

Kerri values in progress, not perfection.  Just as the North Star moves slightly, we know that leaders can be nudged off course with the day-to-day spin.  Kerri help leaders and teams identify the structures and supports they need to stay the course, shine their brightest and achieve those ambitious outcomes. 

North Star Coaching is your accountability partner, one that believes in you, holds you accountable to show up as your best self and shine your brightest, just like the North Star.

These leadership training and team building programs are custom-made just for you!

Today, some of Kerri's clients include manufacturing plants, police departments, payroll and recruitment firms, healthcare and colleges. 

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