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Kerri's in my Head

When Kerri does work with her clients, they often say, "Can I just put you in my ear?  Can I carry you around with me?"  Of course Kerri often sees the client's strengths and potential more than they do!  Their comments and questions have become the inspiration for her newsletters.

When we get right down to it, you know some of these tips and strategies.  No doubt you can share some times when you have used a strategy at the perfect time and reaped the benefits.

In the moment of those powerful communication opportunities - the ones that change the path moving forward - people often feel pulled into the day-to-day spin of their days.  That spin can throw us off, create a feeling of ineptness, a lack of confidence, or a belief that you are missing the skills to have that influence. 

This series of newsletters is to help you pull out of the day-to-day spin and slow down to go fast.  Kerri is all about helping you achieve your ambitious goals and that is only done through slowing down first.

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