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Get to the Middle of the Room

They say good coaches have coaches, and that is true for me. I reached out to my coach the other day because I knew I was rutted and was having a hard time see a way out. As we discussed my thinking, I remembered an expression my Mom says, “Get to the middle of the room.” I realized that I was putting myself in the corner.

In typical coach brilliance, my coach asked, “Who is in the middle of the room?” I paused, welled up with tears, and said, “No one. It’s waiting for me to get there.”

It’s funny how sometimes is so much easier to help others get to the middle of the room than it is to help yourself get there. I am continually humbled by the opportunities I have to journey with others as they get to the middle of the room. That is my favorite part about the consulting work I do. When I pause to think about it, I suppose it’s not surprising that the hardest thing is giving yourself permission to be that great.

So stay tuned – you will see me inching my way, bravely, into the middle of the room. Maybe we can share that journey together.

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