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Archived Projects
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Keynotes & Presentations


LEAP HR Conference

Chicago, Illinois

Title: Developing Soft Skills


Southern Illinois Healthcare—Second Act

Carbondale, Illinois

Title: The Art of Communicating




Southern Illinois Healthcare—Mission & Values Retreat    

Carbondale, Illinois

Keynote Title: Being Our Best


Johns Hopkins University—Department of Biomedical Engineering

Baltimore, Maryland

Title: Pull Learners into Learning



Eastern Michigan University—Graduate at the Podium

Ypsilanti, Michigan             

Title: A View into Faculty Development


University of Windsor—Teaching and Learning Series

Windsor, Ontario             

Title: Understanding Novice Professors’ Processes and Practices of Development: A Case Study


University of Windsor—Centre for Teaching and Learning

Windsor, Ontario             

Title: Big Think: The Influence We Want to Have on Campus


University of Windsor—Teaching and Learning Series

Windsor, Ontario             

Title: Professional Conversations: A Necessary Tool for Change


Michigan Association of Professors of Educational Administration

Ypsilanti, Michigan        

Research Symposium

Title: Strategies for Innovation

Phi Delta Kappan

Ypsilanti, Michigan     

Title: The Great White North—Canada’s K-12 education system… and more importantly, a focus on Alberta


Educational Development Consortium  

Calgary, Alberta     

Title: Making Progress: A professional conversation framework to support teaching and learning 

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