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Slow Down to Go Fast

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

There is a Buddhist saying, "Go slow to go fast." That saying is five easy syllables that are so hard to action.

If slowing down can be so powerful, what gets in the way of us doing this more often? Of course, there is the scapegoat and distraction of all things social media-like. Another explanation might be the sheer busyness of our lives — kids, travel, work, etc.

In my work with clients, I notice something that hits closer to home for all of us. We stand in our own way of progress. Sometimes it is our drive for perfection that paralyzes us. Or perhaps we have a fear, some conscious (or not) self talk like: "If I slow down, I may not like what I see." Or, "I may have to address something that has been hidden under the rug." With the companies I have helped slow down to align with what truly matters, I have seen that the stories in our heads are much more complex and intimidating than the work that floats to the surface when we slow down and really think through what matters most.

At the end of the day, if we can slow down to untangle ourselves from whatever gets in the way of achieving our ambitious goals, we see things clearer. The work becomes more manageable. We positions ourselves to achieve our ambitious goals.


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