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Kerri works with leaders and teams to pull out of the day-to-day spin and improve their interpersonal communication so that leaders and teams can achieve more than imagined and feel fabulous about their work. 


These training and development programs are tailored to the leadership in organization's and their team's needs.  Leaders learn how to motivate and engage staff, have hard conversations, and hold people accountable in ways that leaves them inspired.  Check out the possible training and development topics here.


Leadership coaching is a partnership between Kerri and the leader that helps leaders pull out of the day-to-day spin, slow down to go fast, and shine like a North Star.  While the leader drives the agenda, Kerri is sure to hold them accountable so that they achieve their ambitious goals and feel fabulous about their work 


Keynotes & Workshops

Inspire your teams and organizations with interactive, and insightful keynote speeches.  Kerri entertains groups with leadership stories that leave audiences inspired to do the hard work of leadership. With an education background, Kerri taps into adult learning styles and ensures that audiences leave with actionable knowledge and learning.

Kerri helps corporate settings slow down to go fast.  She specializes in messy, dynamic situations, helping leaders and teams get strategic and ensure that sustainable structures are in place to drive high performing teams.

Slow down to go fast.


Erin, VP @HireLevel

From this work together, we have refined our organizational strategy and our leaders are holding their staff more accountable which has wins all around.  


Eric, Production Coordinator @Prysmian

I honestly can say that I have personally witnessed 180° changes in some of our supervisors, as well as helping some out of their spin. There are so many techniques that I have learned and use daily that has helped me to become a better manager.   

Medical Team

Danielle, Nurse Manager @SIH

The transformation of my leadership team occurred due to Kerri’s expertise and coaching skills. 


Team development work is about crystallizing the team's True North, slowing down to realize how each member's role affects the overall success, and collectively identify the norms, values, beliefs that ensure the team's  and success and wellness.


The mastermine groups will help you discover blind spots, unlearn habits that are holding you back from shining your best, and give you a tight community to help you reflect about how you show up as a leader.  The group helps you go slow to go fast. 


This rigorous program trains leaders within an organization to serve as leadership coaches.  The coaching skills participants learn are a powerful bank of skills for the leaders themselves and a catalyst for culture change in the organization.

Business Meeting

After working with Kerri Burchill, the atmosphere at ISI has improved significantly.

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