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Helping leaders in dynamic, messy situations slow down to go fast.


Team development work is about crystallizing the team's True North, slowing down to realize how each member's role affects the overall success, and collectively identify the norms, values, beliefs that ensure the team's  and success and wellness.


Each training and development program is tailor-made for your unique situation.  Kerri leverages her expertise in adult learning to have highly engaging and interactive sessions.


Kerri is a speaker who is has a reputation for engaging the crowd, using their cases to extend leadership concepts and leaving each audience members feeling hopeful about the inherent challenges they face in leadership. 

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For many leaders, getting objective feedback through leadership assessments is a great springboard to the work ahead.  Kerri can leverage several assessments to help  individuals and teams identify their baseline, set goals, and identify those things that are getting in the way.


The mastermine groups will help you discover blind spots, unlearn habits that are holding you back from shining your best, and give you a tight community to help you reflect about how you show up as a leader.  The group helps you go slow to go fast. 


This rigorous program trains leaders within an organization to serve as leadership coaches.  The coaching skills participants learn are a powerful bank of skills for the leaders themselves and a catalyst for culture change in the organization.

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