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ASKhole™ Framework
Speaking Events, Keynotes & Workshops 

Kerri leverages her comfort in front of crowds and classrooms to engage audiences to identify the ASKhole™ behaviors in their organizations and apply the steps of the ASKhole™ Framework.  So many times, leaders don't even realize that they have fallen into the ASKhole™ Trap.


Kerri tailors every keynote to the industry leadership needs in the audience. 


As an educator, Kerri is mindful about the "one and done" pitfall of conferences and keynotes, where audiences receive wonderful information and then lose it once they return to the demands of their role.  To help the leaders apply the concepts of the ASKhole™ Framework, Kerri's speaking engagement may also include: 

  • The ASKhole™ Trap quiz as a tool for leaders to assess their behaviors

  • Access to Kerri's book, Leading out of the ASKhole™ Trap

  • Access to Kerri's leadership tips and other free resources

  • A free follow-up virtual workshop

Check out this video that captures Kerri in action:

Check out these testimonials, too. 

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