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Too fast to think straight!

If you've heard me do a session, a keynote or have a fun conversation about how crazy the world is, you have probably heard me reference that part of that craziness is spurred on by how quickly people (me included) make up stories about whatever is happening around them.

This behavior of making up stories quickly, drawing conclusions and making determinations (if not judgements) about things is not simply a matter of developing more emotional intelligence muscles.

Your brain cells are driven to connect with other cells. Look at how quickly these brain cell under microscope in a Pitri dish is trying like crazy to have its axoms connect with another cell. This is real time!

So it's no surprise that we rapidly draw conclusions about things around us.

A few things we can do about story making and storytelling.

First - recognize when you jump to a conclusion and when you create a story in your head. Second - talk back to your head, compel it to slow down, look for more information to more completely inform your story.

Third - give other people the story they need to hear, not just the quick one they make up in their heads.

If you want to read more, check out this simple article.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out and set up a time with me to chat about how you are slowing down your brain to go fast.

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