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Sometimes we are taller than we think

Last week I had a great day facilitating a diversity and inclusion retreat with a company that was super engaged. At the end of the day, I found myself reflective as I walked out to my car. Part of me was humbled by the opportunity to work with such an engaged, vulnerable group. Another part of me felt buoyed up by their insights. My thinking was richer after this day together, even though I was the resident expert.

Before I reached my car, I was caught off guard by my enormous shadow. It stopped me dead in my tracks. And not in an intimidating way where our shadows can sometimes haunt us. Here, my shadow captured what I was feeling.

Granted, the shadow was noticeably taller (and thinner!) than I am in real life. That is not what is important, though. The metaphor struck me that we are often larger and taller than we give ourselves credit. True, humility and an unending drive to understand over being understood keeps us grounded. In the same breath, it's OK to see that we are tall, influential and making the world a better, taller and stronger place.

I look forward to my next two sessions with this company. Who knows - maybe I'll see my shadow again, too.

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