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ASKhole™ Framework

Are you a leader who is firefighting all day, fixing one issue after another? 

Do you have people on your team who:

  • Give you the problems they could fix? 

  • Seem unhappy when you do what they ask?



  • Ask you questions they already know the answer to?

  • Seem unsatisfied or blame you for the answer?

If you answered yes, then you are dealing with ASKhole™ behaviors.

Then let's talk about how the
ASKhole™ Framework
can help you.

ASKhole™ Framework Training

The ASKhole™ Framework training applies a framework that helps leaders deal with employees who demonstrate ASKhole™ behaviors.

Topics Covered in the
ASKhole™ Framework Training

The ASKhole™ Framework is aimed at reducing the challenges that come with employees that spin.  

Each environment is unique and leaders observe the impact of those variables differently.  Each leadership development training is tailored to your needs and how you can best leverage the principles in the ASKhole™ Framework. 

Common topics covered in the ASKhole™ Framework include (but not limited to):

  1. Mitigating employee burnout 

  2. Change management 

  3. Healthy accountability

  4. Tough conversations

  5. Creating psychological safety

  6. Giving feedback

  7. Continuous improvement

  8. Prioritizing

  9. Culture improvement

  10. Developing others

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