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Dealing with ASKhole™ Behaviors & ASKhole™ Traps

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Let's get clear on one thing, first: 

ASKhole™ employees and A-hole employees

are not the same thing.

ASKhole™ employees ask you to do their work for them, when they could do it. 

ASKhole™ employees will ask you questions they already know the answer to

(and don't like!)

A-hole employees are negative, mean and not team players.

ASKhole™ behavior does not make someone an A-hole. 

Whether the work is with a company, a conference setting or one-on-one, Kerri helps you slow down to go fast.  Through principles learned in the ASKhole™ framework, she helps you builds on your strengths through highly interactive and collaborative environments. 

In her training sessions, teams and leaders walk away with concrete strategies and tools to implement immediately.

Are you ready to do what it takes to slow down to go fast? Complete this 2-minute quiz to see how much of your time you are spending in the ASKhole™ Trap . . . Get feedback about how the ASKhole™ Trap is impacting your leadership.

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