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Executive Coaching

Coaching helps you tap into unrealized potential - yours and that of your team.  Download an information sheet about executive coaching.

How do I know if I need a coach?

If you want to grow, be recognized for your talents, have more influence and success, then a coach is for you.  Coaching is a good fit if you are ready to be vulnerable, hear feedback and open to learn how you can better manage your blind spots.

Coaching is not for you if you want a friend to talk to, if you want someone to tell you what to do, if you resist accountability or if you have a hard time being open and honest with yourself.

How does it work?

Kerri's philosophy about coaching is simple:  You are in the trench.  You know the most about yourself and the moving variables around you.  That said - the pace of your work is fast, the rate of change is incredible, and it is difficult to slow everything down and see next steps clearly.  This is where Kerri comes in:  she helps you slow down to go fast, supports you getting clear on your plan, and achieve your ambitious goals.

Coaching is future-focused.

Coaching is not mentoring and it is not therapy. 

What is the return on investment (ROI) of coaching? 


The ROI of coaching is compelling:  77% of coachees in a Fortune 500 company identified  coaching having a significant/ very significant impact on business measures.  Additionally, 60% of leaders cited increased productivity and another 53% highlighted improved employee satisfaction.  The bottom line:  "coaching produced a 529% return on investment."


What are Kerri's qualifications? 


Kerri earned her graduate certificate in executive coaching from Royal Roads University in 2009.  Since then, she has earned her ICF PCC certified coach with over 2000 hours of coaching.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING: Each coaching session is approximately 30 minutes and generally follows this format:

  • Celebrating progress towards the desired transformation and goal

  • Diving into a topic that you want to untangle

  • Crystallizing what you want to walk away with from that coaching session

  • Determining next steps and making commitments

  • Coaching relationships typically last 3 or 6 months long

Support Group


Laura C.
Civic Building Manager

Together we worked through a step-by-step process forcing me to really think and challenge the issues. The end result was right there…in my face…we had worked through it and I could not have done it without her direction, support or belief in me. 

Katie W.
Director of Imaging

Understanding my triggers in the face of stress has helped me to react with composure instead of emotion, intellect instead of excitement, and seek humble inquiry instead of becoming defensive.  Regardless of the type of leader you are or want to be, Kerri is the coach to help you get there.

Jake L.
System Director, Continuous Improvement

My sessions with Kerri leave me with a level of self-assurance and clarity that have helped me tackle some of the biggest challenges I have faced as a leader. Kerri has an ability to get me to challenge myself, to think deeply, and ultimately move forward.

​​​​Coaching Packages, Details & Investment


Individual Coaching

The BREAKTHROUGH 3-month coaching package is suited for leaders who have a specific, short-term challenge they want to work through.  The package includes:

  • Coaching session every three weeks

  • A Hogan Leadership Assessment (interpretation, copies of report and assessment debrief)

  • Focused work on SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable and time-oriented

  • Open access to Kerri at any point during the engagement

  • Investment:

    • Manager leadership level:  $3,497

    • Director/ executive leadership level: $3,997

    • Senior executive/ C-Suite leadership level:  $4,497

The TRANSFORMATIVE 6-month coaching package is suited for high performing leaders who want to work on SMART goals that are longer-term and more complex than what might be discussed with the JUMPSTART package.  The BREAKTHROUGH package dives into deeper growth around emotional intelligence and mindset shifts.  The package includes:

  • Coaching sessions every three weeks

  • A Hogan Leadership Assessment (interpretation, copies of report and assessment debrief)

  • Coaching-in-action

  • 2 triad conversations with the coachee's leader at 3 and 6 months

  • Open access to Kerri at any point during the engagement

  • Investment:

    • Manager leadership level:  $4,997

    • Director leadership level: $5,997

    • Senior executive/ C-Suite leadership level:  $6,997

  • Additional options: ​

    • 360 evaluation with up to 10 interviewees:  $2,499​

​Group coaching is perfect for teams that want (and need) to find greater synergy to help work work through difficult conversations.  Check out more information about group coaching at our team development page.

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