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Training Internal Coaches 


Benefits of Internal Coaches

Executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI) based on factors including increases in productivity and employee retention (Metrix Global study). 


Imagine the impact on your leaders' engagement if those coaches came from within your organization!  The financial ROI starts adding up quickly.

Developing an In-House Coaching Program

What is an "internal coaching program"?


An internal coaching program is one where the organization trains internal coaches.


How does it work?


Kerri will partner with your organization to create an in-house coaching program in developing: 

  • Vision, goals, and objectives

  • Empowering change agents

  • Engaging stakeholders

  • Developing curriculum tailored to organizational culture

  • Tools to assess the quality of coaching engagements

  • Rollout training

  • Three months of on-going training to sharpen the new coaches skills

The partnership wraps up with a seamless hand-off, as well as anything else that might come your way in the dynamic work of creating and implement a new program.  We will partner with you through thick and thin and see this program to fruition.

What are the wins?


Companies who invest in Kerri's coaching programs experience highlight leader- and culture-related wins.

​There are THREE wins related to the leaders being trained as coaches.  First, those leaders trained as coaches feel valued by the organization.  That sense of value strengthens their loyalty to the organization.  Second, the trained coaches report feeling more motivated at work because they appreciate the opportunity to coach their colleagues and serve someone in a different capacity.  Lastly, for many trained coaches, coaching is a welcome change from the day-to-day leadership work and, following the old adage, the change is as good as a rest.

Coaching programs deliver FIVE wins culturally.  First, coaching in and of itself fosters a problem solving mindset.   Second, the development of coaching skills simultaneously enhances communication skills.  Better communication serves to fosters trust, and trust then improves productivity.  Lastly, staff who engage in coaching simply feel more empowered. 

Finally, training in-house coaches saves the organization money and in many cases, offers support that may not be financially available if the organization is left to rely on externally contracted coaches.

​Investment for a maximum cohort of 15 leaders: 

12 months:  $47,999 + travel 

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