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Trust = Consistency / Time

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

When I consult with groups that have challenging dynamics or a disconnect between a leader and a team, there is invariably a perception of inconsistent behaviors. The employees are unsure what to expect with their leader - what will trigger him/her, what (s)he cares most about, or if (s)he will have their back when things go awry. Likewise, the leader is exasperated with inconsistent performance of his/her employees - sometimes they go the extra mile, sometimes they are respectful, sometimes they act like they care about the end mission and vision... and sometimes they don't.

The bottom line is this: when we cannot consistently count on each other, we lose trust in that person. Without trust, we struggle to lean into the work with our heads and hearts

Trust = Consistency


Throughout my consulting, I have picked up on some easy and practical strategies to build trust for the online and in person world in this quick video:

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