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Get time back!

Learn more strategies to escape the ASKhole™ trap in this 90-minute online workshop.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Pull out of the day-to-day spin

  • Learn more strategies to avoid the ASKhole™ trap

  • Practice strategies to lead ASKhole™ employees

  • Apply leadership strategies to real problems

  • Develop kills to increase employee accountability

  • Learn from other leaders


So you can:

  • Develop better problem solvers

  • Get time back to do more leadership work
  • Have better work-life balance


I am offering this powerful workshop for just $75 (a 50% discount!) for the next 7 days as a thank-you for being such an engaged leader during my presentation.  

I host monthly workshops.  Once you complete the payment, I will connect with you to confirm a workshop time that works for you.  Upcoming dates so far are:

  • Wednesday, April 19th @11am CST

  • Friday, May 12th @9am CST

  • Thursday, June 29th @1pm CST


If these dates don't work, let me know and I will find a time that does work. 

$75 per attendee

Who else do you know that gets caught in the spin and falls into the ASKhole™ trap?  You can extend this deal to them, too!  Email me and I  can set everyone up.   (


About Kerri:

I am a leadership consultant and coach that helps leaders and teams navigate messy , dynamic situations.  My mantra is, "Slow down to go fast."  It is hard to go slow in that day-to-day spin, but that's why I'm here - to help you slow down and shine like the North Star.

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with Kerri Burchill


While it is clear that your content is grounded in evidence, you translate it into practical and growth inspiring strategy that we can apply in our daily lives.


You have the most magnificent way of thinking “outside of the box” and maintaining an unbiased, optimistic, yet truthful, view of situations and the people in them.  I sincerely feel every time I meet with you, no matter what type of arena, I learn something new.

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